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We all have different ways of doing things. Some of you just call us on the off chance to see whose available, some of you are more organised about it and take your time choosing your London Escort and some of you don’t call us at all (that’s not good).

Personally, I think a little bit of planning goes a long way. OK I’ll admit it makes our life a little easier. If we know the day before which girl you’re after and the further ahead you book, the more likely it is that you’ll get exactly the date that you desire. Added to that I find that sometimes taking time to choose the right girl, pouring over the descriptions, weighing up the relative merits of Jessica over Julia (good luck with THAT decision) adds to the excitement of the whole thing…the anticipation is enhanced. We all know the more you anticipate, the more you prepare yourself but put off the gratification, the bigger the ultimate thrill and we want a date with one of our London Escorts to be memorable.

Equally with a little planning maybe you could buck the trend and not all ring us on a Friday and Saturday night. I know the weekend is a special time but hey, why not leave it till Monday night…we have the girls gagging for a date on a Monday sometimes…or even a bit naughty, arrange a date on a Tuesday afternoon then fake illness at work…no I don’t mean throw yourself down the’ll need to be fit to cope with one of our girls…you just start by asking your boss if he has an paracetamol…why? comes the question…’Oh I think I’ve got the flu coming on..I ache all over’. Naturally by lunchtime the Flu’s really kicking in and you’ve gone all quiet and pathetic…no coffee…no jumping around changing the toner on the printer…you are clearly..’not your normal self’. Then you hit them with the ‘I really don’t feel well, would it be OK if I left a little early today?’ ¬†Who could say NO, after all it’s only a ‘bit early’, then as soon as they say yes, you start packing up your things and piss off.

I will tell you there is nothing quite like holding Ramona in your arms in quiet contemplation when you know you should have been on a Health and Safety Course with that Fat Bloke from accounts. Just do it guys, there’s no way they can possibly find out and if necessary I’ll write you a fake Doctors note.

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