OK, I have never actually said on this blog which football team  I support but I am prepared to divulge this important information to you today as it is necessary for this post to make sense, the London escorts know, my friends know, my family know and now you guys will know, I am a Manchester United supporter! I know many of you will now have a certain opinion of me being a Londoner that supports Manchester United but that is just the way it is I am afraid so you will just have to deal with it. Anyway, as I am sure you are all aware from picking up any newspaper over the past few days or watching the news that the ‘mystery’ footballer that was getting his end away with ex Big Brother babe Imogen Thomas. Firstly let me say, fair play, he is a good ten years older then her and she is quite a looker so he has done quite well there (yes I know he is a footballer) but what I do not understand is why a married man, who is so well known would bother risking everything by doing what he shouldn’t be doing with a girl that is obviously just hungry for fame, why not just hire a London escort if he really want the company of a sexy female. 

It just seems to happen over and over again, how many times in the past few years have we heard about different footballers, (not all of whom play for Manchester United) who have been doing what they shouldn’t behind their wife or girlfriends back. None of them seem to learn that they will always get caught because this is exactly the kind of thing that the press are looking for. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that if you are going to be doing this kind of thing then you should b doing it with a female that you can trust will not sell her story to the papers or tell the world about what is going on between you. If you really want to spend some time with a sexy female then it seems clearly quite obvious that you should be getting into contact with some of our gorgeous London escorts. A lot of the girls have been hired by well known people and they all know how to keep their mouths shut when it comes to personal matters.

As a Manchester United fan I am quite disappointed in Giggs, he has always had the good guy image and he is well respected in all of football, but this revelation will ruin all of that, hopefully it will not ruin his performance in this weekends game. Maybe the next footballer that wants to spend some time with a female that is not their girlfriend will give one of the London escorts a call, it is well advised!

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