Getting Your First Choice of Escort

We seem to spend alot of time comforting clients who are not able to book their first choice of London Escort. They followed the procedure. Looked at the website, and chose a beautiful Blonde Escort listed as available for the day. They called the receptionist to confirm if she was available for a particular time, and then took five minutes to clear the schedule for tonight’s rendezvous. Only to hear when they call back that she is no longer available. You are disappointed, and more than a little peeved that your ideal date will either be delayed or cancelled. You did say you’d call back after all.

How does that happen? A lot of our clients ask this question and the answer is quite straightforward. Your booking for a particular escort is only confirmed with her and us if we have taken all the relevant details from you. Saying that you’ll call back to confirm is not enough for us to restrict our Escort Girl from accepting other bookings. As I’m sure you can appreciate, we are a very busy agency offering the best Cheap Escorts in London to our clientele. Unfortunately, there are some timewasters who make bookings with no intention of honouring them, or who enquire with no intention to book. These fake clients who deprive our Brunette Escorts of legitimate opportunities are blacklisted by us, and are blocked from ever booking with us again. We do not have the time or resources to follow up on potential clients who may or may not decide to arrange a date with one of our London Escorts.

So how do you get your first choice of London Escort? The key is preparation.  Finalise when you’re available to meet with a London Escort either at her place, or another convenient location. Once you have the time in mind, then have a look on our site to see who is available. If no-one catches your fancy, ring our receptionist and let her know what you’re looking for. Often times we have girls who available to meet with you who are not listed on the site. They choose to do this for various reasons, but may just be the ideal Escort Girl for you. Do confirm the time with the receptionist, as well as the address at which to meet your companion or at which you would like her to meet you. Once the details have been finalised, our receptionist will inform you of the costs associated with your date’s time and companionship, including any transport costs if applicable.

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