Getting the GFE

Some of you new to all this may be trying to work out what GFE actually means. No it’s not ‘good for everything’ or ‘great fanny ears’ a ‘gynacologist of luuurrv I’ve seen a fair few and sometimes they look like they have ears, anyway, No it’s ‘Girl Friend Experience’

You see some of you guys are more romantic than others. Some of you don’t want an emotional encounter with our girls. Some of you just want it kept simple and straight forward and frankly a little business like. That’s not a problem, that’s fine and we have girls that excel at getting the job done without the frills and the build up. Some of you prefer the romantic package. You’re into the fantasy of an illicit encounter. Two ships passing, the thrill of the chase. We also have girls who share your romantic nature. To be honest it’s generally the girls new to the industry, although if you’re 25 and look like Jamie Rednap, then even the most jaded of escorts will probably melt into your arms.

Most guys, for obvious reasons, don’t look like Jamie Rednap, at least at the budget end of the Escorting Industry. So in order to give yourself the best chance of a great GFE then firstly, read ┬áthe descriptions of the girls, we highlight the one’s where you’re likely to get the experience you’re looking for. Equally talk to us, when you ring, let us know that that’s the kind of girl you’re looking for and finally be a great ‘BFE’..that means be clean, polite, open and gentle, take you’re time and show a lot of respect. That’s how you get that special encounter.

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