Getting over the disappointment of a failed World Cup Bid

So the 2018 World Cup has gone to Russia, are any of us really that surprised? It seems as though no matter what England do to try to bring the World Cup back ‘home’ fate seems to conspire against us Many of you avid football fans out there will be thinking of ways to forget how rubbish FIFA are so perhaps hiring a London Escort might take your mind off of things.

First we try to bring the trophy back by winning the tournament in the summer only to suffer a bitterly disappointing exit to the Germans and after going back to the drawing board and attempting to bring the 2018 tournament here in the hope that hosting the competition on home soil might be the remedy to winning that evasive gold trophy (like it was in 1966) we have again lost out to a previous war opponent.

For many of us who were looking forward to cheering our nation on without having to travel half way across the globe, this news is going to take some time to get over, especially when you consider that we are not likely to actually host a world cup for another two decades. So whilst pondering the many options of how to get over this disappointment, big night out? Weekend away in the sun? A new TV so that I can watch football and pretend that it’s a the World Cup and I am at the stadium watching  it, but none of these options seem quite as appealing as hiring a busty escort in London.

If you are really struggling with the thought of not having the World Cup here then perhaps one of the above options, mixed in with one of our London escorts might suffice. Whether you require a Blonde escort in London or a brunette, all of our girls are more than happy to accompany you on a night out on the town or even if you feel like you want to escape the freezing weather and the stench of disappointment by heading abroad we can arrange for one of our girls to accompany you.

Personally I can’t think of many better ways to get over such a disappointment then spending time with one of our gorgeous London escorts. Do not forget that not only are they great to look at but they are also good to talk to and up for a laugh, which, if you’re feeling rather upset can be exactly what you need.

So forget about FIFA, forget about how dodgy the fact that Russia and Qatar got the2018 and 2022 World Cups despite being so far behind nations such as our own and the US and forget that England probably won’t win either of these tournaments, and if you are really having trouble forgetting then consider hiring one of our sexy London escorts who can help you forget quicker than you can say “those damn Russians.”

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