Get a Life!!

I watched this literally ‘crazy’ program last night called The Bi-Polar Expedition. Where cameras followed this guy with Bio Polar depression. That means he gets these incredible highs, followed by suicidal lows..sounds a bundle of laughs eh.

Well whilst on a high you see him book the most fantastic castle in Jamaica called the The¬†Trident at San Antonio. ¬†…and then proceed to invite 12 Ukrainian women to join him for a week. The idea was that he was setting up a Harem and they were to be interviewed for the available positions. These girls were all beautiful and all, whilst a little bemused by this guys increasingly bizarre behaviour, up for what ever it was going to take to persuade him that they were the one’s he should choose. The frustrating thing was that just after there arrival his condition became more bizarre. He know maintained he was Allah and lost all interest in the girls. There he was pacing up and down, muttering to himself in his own little world with 12 Ukranian Models in the background, raring to go, raring to prove they were worthy of a place in his Harem. I was almost screaming at the Telly for him to take the medication and gets amongst them.


They interviewed him later, when he’d recovered and he was ‘normal’ again..and the guy was an intelligent, articulate, level headed guy.

What’s the point I’m trying to make here? We’ll I guess it’s to live your life the way you want to. He was frankly a bit crazy but the girls accepted it and you could see had a genuine liking for the guy. All the staff at the The Trident went along with it even when he appointed one of the waiters as his second in command. It was bizarre yet heart warming at the same time and sad as well. It was his life and he was making the best of it he could. He said he refused medication because he loved the high’s and coped with the lows in order to experience the highs again. If your get the chance watch it, I think it was on E4.

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