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It seems like everyone has an addiction these days. Of course there are the obvious ones such as drugs, smoking, alcohol, sex, gambling (sounds like a great night out to me!), which afflict a minority of us. Then there are the more lightweight ones that everyone has, although some of them can still be damaging – caffeine, the internet, playing computer games, porn, exercise, TV, shopping, to name but a few. I think the London escorts suffer from a few of these but I won’t be naming names!

Even these lightweight addictions can cause big problems in a person’s life, for example preventing them from holding down jobs or relationships, damaging health and causing depression. When I was about twenty I got totally addicted to playing video games, which moved into arcades and began to incorporate the gambling element. Luckily, the money side of things wasn’t such a big part of it for me, but my obsession with completing certain games took over my life. It was almost like a physical compulsion. During the night my fingers would twitch as if holding a games console, and images of the game would run through my head all night. I’d wake up feeling exhausted, but needing to get straight back to the game to ease my frustration. I could easily manage six hours a day playing, and my parents got really worried about me, even suggesting I see a shrink! Thankfully, my college course began and I started to naturally lose interest in playing video games and became more interested in playing with my classmates…. I know some gamers that have never managed to kick the habit, though, and feel genuinely sorry for them. When I think back to my own addiction it seems like a dark, murky time during which I was quite depressed.

These days my only real addictions are for beer, coffee, curry and FHM. Relatively harmless, in sensible quantities.

The London escorts often encounter clients with an addiction of some sort – such as dating (escorts!), socialising, sex. One of our gorgeous blonde escorts in London told me how one client was actually addicted to HER. The besotted guy dated her every week for a few months and acted like a star struck teenager whenever he was with her! It’s not unusual for men to become addicted to escorts – after all busty escorts in London are incredibly attractive with great personalities and an enchanting way of making the client feel as if he were the only man alive. It’s an entirely understandable addiction, especially when there are a bevy of other beauties waiting behind the scenes, with each one possibly more stunning and exciting than the last….

London escorts cannot help but feed this addiction. They’ve even spoken to internet junkies who’ve spent hours marvelling at photos on escort sites, admiring the soft curves, smooth skin, kissable lips etc that look so perfect on the screen. How can men be expected to show sensible restraint when faced with such a hit of feminine wiles?

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