Fun with Escorts on Full Moon

Did you see the massive full moon, or ‘super moon’ on Saturday? It did look larger than normal (due to it being the closest it’s been to the earth in about twenty years) but I have to say I was sort of expecting it to fill the sky so couldn’t help feeling slightly cheated! I read reports the next day that people were lining the streets all over the world to admire the spectacle. They were doing that in London too, I think, unless that was just the queues for the club down the road from the London escort office.

Apparently, the moon exerts its influence over everything that happens on earth, and this ‘super moon’ has already catastrophically demonstrated its effects – some people predicted massive natural disasters and extreme weather, and we’re all aware of what’s been happening in Japan. I guess, from a purely physical point of view, the gravitational pull of the moon must be affecting other things than just the tides. Some people take the phases of the moon very seriously and even manage aspects of their lives according to it. My friend told me about ‘biodynamic’ gardening – where planting and everything else is dictated by the moon. For example, some gardeners will only plant onions when the moon is in retrograde around Saturn blah blah blah. Of course, these dedicated horticulturalists swear blind that their methods work. My friend – who is a bit of a kook – also revealed that she’d chosen that day to get her hair cut because it was the best day of the year – moon wise – to have hair trimmed! She went on to reveal that every task in hair dressing has been mapped onto a lunar chart for the year – so there are good and bad days to have hair re-styled, cut or coloured etc!

I’m not sure what the scientific basis is for all this, but it’s likely there’s a fair amount of conjecture. It has made me think, that if there’s truth behind it, that it could be useful to have a whole load things mapped onto a lunar chart. For example, I’m sure there must be a best day for opening a new bank account, or starting a new job, or going on a date, or making an awkward phone call. I’m sure this must exist – I just need to do a bit more Googling!

I suppose there must also be optimal days for dating London busty escort or London blonde escort, but I don’t think clients would be very happy if we said ‘I’m sorry sir, we’ll have to recommend against your booking a blonde escort tonight, the moon is only on the fourth day of its cycle. Can I suggest a brunette?’ Luckily, escort girls are so powerful when it comes to making sure a date goes well that the moon is no match for them. Everyday is optimal when it comes to dating London escorts!

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