Friday Feeling

Oh dear – one of my colleagues at the London escort agency has just sent me the Youtube link to Rebecca Black’s song ‘Friday’ – and then stood over me to make sure I watch it! In case you’ve somehow been lucky enough to miss out on this horror, ‘Friday’ has become an internet sensation on account of how bloody awful it is. It’s about Friday’s, surprisingly enough, and how exciting they are. The video and lyrics are cheese central – get this one ‘Tomorrow’s Saturday, and after that it’s Sunday’. It truly is bad, but I can’t help feeling a bit sorry for the singer, who is just thirteen years old. The production company responsible is an LA based outfit that makes ‘stars’ out of rich kids who parents pay to make it happen – hence a string of abominable ‘hits’.

The funny thing is, fame being the fickle and strange thing it is these days, Rebecca Black may actually end up becoming some sort of star, especially now she’s had such huge publicity. She’s pretty enough, and her voice might be ok with a decent song. It’s only a matter of time before someone says ‘Aww let’s give that girl a shot with some better material, she’s already getting famous after all!’

To be honest, and I know I’m showing my age here, but I think a lot of modern chart music is really awful, and find it kind of ironic that there’s been such a backlash against young Black – at least she’s got the excuse of being too young to understand what she’s doing! And she’s not the first rich brat to be gifted a potential pop career despite a worrying lack of genuine star quality or good material – Willow Smith anyone? I Whip my Hair Back and Forth – WTF?! When I saw this video on Youtube I laughed and sort of assumed that it was just a kind of novelty stunt that nobody could take seriously. So imagine my astonishment to learn that the girl and the song actually have real fans! People brought it and discussed the young Smith’s talent! I’m too astounded to say anything more on the matter….

Anyway, the point is – you don’t have to be good to be successful, but it helps. Plenty of modern celebrities have got where they are through luck, money and connections rather than talent or hard work. The rest of us have to just do our best with what we have and hope that we’ll be appreciated for it down the line. We’re unsung heroes, like the hard-grafting escort girls that work in the capital. London Blonde escorts and London busty escorts are prime examples of people who actually are brilliant at what they do yet don’t receive any recognition for their dedication. It’s tough going out on a date almost every night of the week – but London escorts have the resolve of Olympic athletes!

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