Freedom Do not Knock at the Door

A friend of mine got divorced last year, having stayed far too long in an unhappy marriage, and since then he’s been just crazy about London escorts! It’s my fault, really, I casually mentioned that it’s not uncommon for people that have been through a recent break-up to seek solace in gorgeous young escorts in London, and just a week later I hear reports that he’s already been on a date with one! Always energetic and fun loving, I think his marriage had sapped this from him by year six, and we forgot how he’d always used to be. In the last few months we’ve been well and truly reminded. He dates a busty escort in London every single week! I was a bit worried about him at first, in case he was on the brink of some kind of breakdown, or at the very least, having an early mid-life crisis. But as time went on it became clear that he was of sound mind and genuinely happy for the first time in years. He hasn’t been ‘acting out’ as some of our mutual friends suggested, but is actually just intent on making the most of his new found freedom.

His love of escorts has made him the talk of our friendship group. The women generally assume that he’s on the rebound, and the men are basically just jealous! But as he explained to me a while ago, he’d spent six years being faithful to a wife who for the last three of those hadn’t given him anything in return, so he emerged from the marriage craving the intimacy he’d been deprived off. He certainly didn’t want to jump straight into another long-term relationship, and is sensible enough not to make things messy with the girls we know, thus spoiling the friendships in our group. ‘I guess most guys in my situation would just be busy picking up girls on nights out, or at the gym, or even at work, but I’ve got no interest in doing that. Firstly I’ve got no intention of complicating my life by getting involved with anyone, and secondly, why would I want the hassle and risk of getting together with some floozy who might be all kinds of trouble? I earn good money, so I’d rather choose a beautiful girl who has been handpicked by her agency and vouched for. Then I’m pretty much guaranteed to have a great date. And the best thing is – no strings attached! I can always hand her back at the end of the night!’

I have to admire his new outlook, especially with regards to dating cheap escorts in London. He’s found a way of getting exactly what he needs at this time without risking his own personal life or health, and for a minimal expense. There are so many escorts to choose from he never gets bored, although he does have a soft spot for blonde escorts in London and has seen a few of the girls several times. For now, London escorts are his new ‘marriage’!

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