Footballers lives romp with an escort girl

The tabloids sure are having a field day with Wayne Rooney’s alleged romp with an escort girl. Ever since the story broke, the media glare has been on him, tracking his every move, interpreting his every action and reaction to the situation. We’ve seen everything from the firsthand accounts of the escort girl herself, to an interview with her agency owner, and a public apology from her parents. We’ve heard him called every name under the sun, and seen numerous magazines speculating that he will be left high and dry by his missus. Now the latest is damning rumour mongering on his upcoming trip to Thailand, one of the most sexually liberated countries on the planet.
I feel a bit sorry for the guy. I doubt they give training to professional athletes on how to avoid scandals of this nature, and it still boggles my mind that a 24 year old man is being held to a moral standard that is not even applied to ministers of religion anymore. When did footballers become our moral compass? Escort girls are a staple of every major party or even at which you have rich, powerful men. That is a fact that has been proven throughout the centuries. We tend to gravitate towards the finer things in life, and believe me, these footballers do know how to keep the finest champagne flowing in the trendiest of clubs. If I’m honest, this is part of the attraction in this line of work. Its just for footballers with a lot to lose to ensure that they find the right companion who understands the meaning of discretion.
The way the tabloids put it, Roo is off to Thailand with fellow ‘love rats.’ Ashley Cole, and John Terry, amongst others. Fact is folks, they’re all going as part of a team to play a friendly with the host country. That is what footballers do, isn’t it? Play football? I would’ve thought they would just be thankful that we’re meeting a team we can reasonably beat, but I guess that would be too much for them.
I’m really rooting for a quick return to sanity on this one and allow Roo to do what he gets paid to do – play football.  In case any footballers of their agents come across this page, I highly recommend booking a Playful Escort for some wild, but discreet fun.

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