So the wait is almost over guys, riots permitting it looks as though football is going to make its long awaited return this weekend which is usually quite bad news for most of the females in our lives but whilst some of you might start to neglect your, wives, girlfriends and daughters  please remember that the sexy escorts London has to offer are still around and they do not want to be forgotten! Hiring our London escorts is the perfect way to either celebrate a victory or get over a loss when playing the football season is in full swing. I know that the girls have been a great source of fun and entertainment for many of you during the close season which feels as though it has gone on forever, but this shouldn’t change when the season begins, I am sure you will still have plenty of time to fit in the girls after, before or even during the odd game of footie.

Yes I did just say during the game! The escorts in London are not your typical annoying females when watching football, the girls all know how to act when watching a game and yes they are all fully aware of what the offside rule is so don’t worry about that. Just as I am writing this I am hearing that some of the games are actually being called off this weekend which means that there will be a good few of you out there who are not too happy (don’t start a riot). If you are one of the many who will be annoyed that what you were looking forward to this weekend is no longer then you will of course need to find an adequate replacement to fill the gap that is left by the football. As usual this is where the escorts in London come in handy, they are always available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whenever you need a sexy bit of company or cheering up the girls can be there for you when you need them.

Of course the riots could potentially mean that even more games are cancelled but if that little group of cretins think that they can ruin everyone’s fun then they are mistaken, if football is called off then the escorts in London will be more than happy to fill the gap. As the season progresses and things start to get a little bit more serious then if you feel like you might just need a little break the girls will be ready and waiting for your call. So don’t forget hoe many sexy escorts London has to offer even if the football does turn your head.

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