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For any guy that is a fan of football it is one of the toughest decisions that we will ever have to face. Put yourself in this situation… there is a big football match on, one that everyone has been talking about for weeks and you really want to watch it. The build up to the game has been everywhere, every newspaper that you look at and every sports website you visit is talking about this football match and you cannot wait to watch it. The week comes along and you are a couple of days away from the match and your girlfriend announces that she is going away for a week the day after the game, you have not seen her for a few days and you will not see her for a further week after the game so inevitably she wants to see you before she goes and you will want to see her too of course, what do you do? You risk missing a potentially great game in order to see your girlfriend and keep her happy or you risk upsetting her, not seeing her but being able to watch the game, tough one isn’t it? Well this is the dilemma a mate of mine has and I have no idea what to suggest he should do.

I asked some of the London escort girls what they thought and inevitably, as women, they said that he should of course go and see his girlfriend. He asked around some of his other mates and the ones that were single and football fans couldn’t believe that he even had to debate what he was going to do about it, whereas some of the others that do have girlfriends understood the problems that it may cause if her were not to go and see her. I think that it depends on how big a football fan you are. Some of the escorts in London have said that they have actually been hired by guys that have then just ignored them whilst a football match is on.

You have to be a pretty big football fan to ignore a busty escort in London sitting right next to you whilst a game is on. I think the perfect compromise would be for him to go and see her but get to watch the game, but what are the chance of that happening?

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