Food or Sex Thought

What’s the most difficult question somebody could ask me? That’s easy: ‘Sex or Food?’. I cannot, in fact I refuse to believe that anybody can answer this question quickly. Can you? Okay, so if you’re asked at a time when you’re especially horny and you’re getting no action at home, then you’ll say ‘sex’. And if you’re asked after being stuck in a traffic jam for four hours with nothing to munch on, and you arrive at your mum’s to the smell of a roast dinner, you’ll say ‘food’. But which is truly better?

I’m a massive foodie, that is to say I love to eat. I love eating. Similarly, I love sex. As I was saying to one of our London Escorts the other day, sex is pretty much my favourite thing to do! But when faced with the choice, it really is a tough one. The Blonde Escort in London (who will remain nameless!) said to me, ‘ If you had to go for the rest of your life without sex or the rest of your life without food, which would you choose?’ ‘That’s easy’, I said, ‘I’d have to choose food because if I didn’t eat then I’d starve to death’. ‘Okay,’ she said, ‘Then pretend you could survive without eating. Then what would you choose?’

I couldn’t answer! As I sat that evening, looking at our website, flicking through the gallery and seeing the photos of girls in their underwear, the Blondes, Brunettes, the Curvy and Busty Escorts London has to offer, my dilemma continued. The idea of never booking an Escort in London again just seemed impossible. The idea of abstinence completely was unthinkable. As the saying goes, men think about sex every few seconds. Can you imagine the torture of never being able to engage in the act ever again? It’s too painful to think about! Just take a look at all of our stunning girls and imagine never being able to book an Escort in London ever again! I soon realised that I’d answered the question without even knowing.

No matter how much I love my food, and believe me I love it, I realised that I could no more go without sex than I could go without oxygen. It is built deep within our genetic makeup – we need sex to survive! I had made my decision and I put to the back of my mind images of a perfectly-cooked, juicy steak served with homemade chips. Freshly baked bread spread with thick, creamy butter. Crispy, spicy chicken wings and sweetcorn with sour cream. It would be pure torture but not half as bad as never, EVER experiencing the unrivalled pleasure of being up close and personal with one of these stunning girls.

I went back to her with the answer and she smiled. ‘I love chocolate’, she said, ‘but I’d choose sex over chocolate every time’.  So there you have it, men prefer sex to food and women choose sex over chocolate. Every time! Give us a call and make your booking to research the debate further!

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