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They say the eyes are the gateway to the soul, displaying your strengths, weaknesses, fears and desires.  Sometimes the gaze of someone is so powerful that you know that you are being looked at without even facing the individual concerned. And sometimes, when you look into someone’s eyes, you just know you’ll be in for the time of your life. That feeling is the very one you’ll experience when you browse our escort galleries are stumble upon Flavia’s profile.
Flavia is without a doubt one of the most beautiful brunette escorts you will ever meet in London. She has perfect skin, a great body, and a warm and open personality. But its those eyes that will draw you in. Flavia’s beautiful blues are as subtly seductive as you would find in many of the world’s most priceless portraits. She really does have the most exquisite features, and her gaze promises you a date that you will most certainly remember.
A date with an escort girl this gorgeous certainly deserves some planning and consideration. Having this brunette escort on your arm as you walk into one of London’s best restaurants will surely make you the envy of every man there. This young lady is certainly one to pamper and spoil, so be sure to book her for several hours and ensure that you are the sole focus of those beautiful eyes. Take her to one of the city’s many wine bars after your meal. Maybe one with a live band and a postage stamp sized dance floor. That will give you the perfect excuse to hold her close as you sway to the music, and you will truly appreciate the magic of each moment you spend together. What happens after is entirely up to the two of you; you may even experience those amazing eyes heated with passion!
An escort London this beautiful is hard to find. Finding cheap escort of this high calibre is close to discovering a treasure.  Don’t leave yourself wondering what promises lies within those eyes. Satisfy your curiosity and book a date with the lovely Flavia. All you need to do is call us here at Playful Escorts and we’ll arrange the rest according to your wishes. We guarantee you won’t regret it, and may even find yourself booking this great girl every week. Any opportunity to have these eyes turned on you is more than worth it.

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