Fetish ‘game’ turns deadly

Escorts are generally easy going and flexible individuals up for a great time with their dates. The nature of the profession requires a personality willing to have new experiences, often involving a bit of role play with clients. The vast majority of these activities can be considered harmless fun, adding a pleasurable dimension for everyone concerned. However, sometimes the line between harmless fun and physical danger is crossed, with serious consequences.

Two escorts in Kent unwittingly helped a former senior banker to commit suicide this month. The married father of two allegedly asked two escorts to verbally humiliate him while he stood on a box under a tree with a noose around his neck. It is reported that the man was known to engage in sex games of this nature, with the escorts involved in the incident stating that he gave them reassurances that he was wearing a harness. He was not, and his lifeless body was found by those two unfortunate ladies when they returned to check on him after their appointment had ended.

It is very apparent that this man was quite distraught to have taken his life in this fashion. His family, colleagues and community are left to deal with the impact of this event, and the police continue to investigate the issue. The two escorts and their driver have in the meantime been arrested and charged with assisting a suicide.

This is a very unfortunate incident. A family has been devastated, and three people innocently participating in what they thought was a kinky activity are now facing the courts.

If you’re feeling depressed or suicidal, please, please seek help. There are a whole host of charities and local groups which provide counselling and support to those in need of it. Your local NHS mental health service is also able to assist you to cope with overwhelming times in your life. Escorts provide a listening ear and often a shoulder for comfort, but they are not equipped to address such profound situations. We cannot imagine the trauma the escorts involved in the incident are presently enduring, and categorically do not want any of our London Escorts to find themselves in such a situation.  Their time and companionship does not extend to participating in an activity that causes either you or themselves physical or emotional harm, and we have asked them to report any situation which feels likely to end in such an outcome. Depression is a serious medical condition. Get the help you need to start your recovery.

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