Fetish ‘game’ escorts pick up the pieces

Escort girls come from all walks of life, and often try as best as possible to meet the needs of their client. Mostly, this is the provision of general companionship and affection. But there are some who wish to indulge in fantasies and explore fetishes. Normally, that is perfectly fine with some of the escort girls here at Playful Escorts. As long as the boundaries are established and the rules made clear, then by all means, what happens between consenting adults is their concern. Sometimes, however, things go horribly wrong.
Last month a story broke in the national news on the death of a banking executive during a fetish game with escorts in Kent.  Apparently distraught at having recently lost his senior position in a major international bank, the man engaged two escorts for a supposed night of fetish games that resulted in his suicide. Both escorts and their driver were arrested during the investigation, and have since been subsequently released. But they are still reeling from the effects.
At least one of the Kent escorts has been kicked out from her home after being outed by the incident. Apparently her school teacher husband was not aware of her alternate profession.
We know that a big part of the magic of dating an escort girl lies in the fact that it is often far removed from your day to day life. She is a woman you may never interact with in your normal affairs – polished, cool, and a little naughty. Indulging in harmless play can enhance your pleasure in the experience, and will prove enjoyable for both yourself and your beautiful escort date. However, clients need always be aware that just as they have lives to resume when the magic ends, so too do escort girls. They have families, and obligations, responsibilities and ambitions. Though many of them are young escorts, they are waiting for the right moment to follow that dream, or realise that goal.  They’re genuine willingness to please is not something that should be abused, and as a client, we do ask that you never put our lovely ladies in a position that could bring them undue hardship or embarrassment.
The gentleman who died was obviously quite ill, and we empathise with his situation. However, the escort girls are now left to deal with the personal consequences of his actions. And that is alot of upheaval for what should have been a harmless game.

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