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As I sit here typing this post and staring out the window all I can see is rain, grey clouds, umbrellas and more rain. It has been a rather solemn start to the new year, with VAT rising, warnings of further spending cuts and dreary, grey weather causing many people to wish for a return to the picturesque white landscapes provided by the snow throughout December. This list of reasons to be a bit down in the dumps will have prompted many people to start thinking about the next exciting time of year which is undoubtedly summer. From years of experience and disappointment we all know that the British summer is not to be trusted as it often flatters to deceive, fluttering its eyes at us in the early months of May and June with some lovely weather only to end up slapping us in the face with some rather average temperatures that will never give anyone the tan that they so desperately seek.

So if you are one of the hoard who has started looking into holiday ideas but you are unsure who you would like to spend your precious trip abroad with then I advise you to add one of our London escorts to your list of possible candidates.

As a guy I know the temptation to go away with your mates is always there, that goes without saying, a week or two away with the guys is always good fun, but I am sure that many of you have done it before and you are likely to do it again in the future so why not try something a little different this year, after all the sight of a sexy London escort prancing around with you on the beach or fantasy island surely has to trump watching your mate going for a dip in his Speedo’s.
Still not convinced? OK then, lets talk sun cream. Which would you prefer…. Having one of your mates slap sun cream all over your back as quickly as possible before anyone sees whilst you both sit on the fantasy island or having a busty escort from London do it for you? You see my point!

It isn’t just about the way they look either, our London escorts are good fun and a right laugh so you definitely will not feel like you have made the wrong decision. I know that going away with a female can seem like a bit of a chore at times but our girls aren’t just any old female are they?

If this post has at all swayed you then take your pick from any of our escorts in London, give one of them a call and see if you can arrange the summer holiday of a life time with her.

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