Tiger Woods Fancy Experience at Ryder Cup

A Welsh paper has reported that escort girls are offering a special package to the thousands of punters arriving to enjoy the Ryder Cup, one of the premier international golfing tournaments. Lucky gentlemen can select ‘bespoke multi girl packages’ experiencing for themselves the unique pleasure of having several ladies focussed solely on them. The host country has experienced a surge in arrivals of escort girls from other parts of the UK, and probably internationally, and local escort agencies are ramping up their marketing to take advantage of the expanded clientele.

This of course, is not a new phenomenon – sporting events have always attracted escort girls keen to experience the thrills of the event, while being able to support themselves by providing escort services.  And I am quite confident that catchy marketing tools have always been used to get people to notice their services.
The idea of enjoying the company of multiple escort girls is by no means new. Men have always like the idea of being the centre of attention of multiple women, guess it makes them feel special and powerful. Having two lovely ladies, one on each arm, as you stroll into a local restaurant to enjoy a meal after the days game is certainly an appealing concept. Many escort girls are very beautiful, and if there are two gorgeous ladies sharing the details of the day and the camaraderie of an evening out with you, what is there to be done except enjoy it.
Styling this multiple girl package as a Tiger Woods’ experience has raised a few eyebrows. The moralists are of course objecting to the participation of escorts in activities that turn out to be hurtful for the family. Calling it the Tiger Woods’ experience to them is a reminder that his marriage and family have fallen apart, which is not something that should be seen to be celebrated. I take their point on that – but I don’t believe it is being celebrated. Rather, I think its a bit of innocent fun that will have punters cracking a chuckle when they hear it.
If you’re in London rather than South Wales, but fancy a taste of what this experience holds, why not call and book our duo escorts. These girls will certainly leave you with a giant smile on your face, for a fraction of the cost of a Ryder Cup package. A win all round.

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