Exploit an Escort

Today’s rant is about the question of exploitation. I am fed up with listening to female broadcasters and writers who make the assumption that all London Escort Girls are victims of this Industry and that me, and by association you, are wicked exploiters that have lured these innocent girls into an awful exploitative situation.  They say these things without thought and without knowing the facts, like it’s a given that every Escort in London is a victim.

I’d say that 95% of them are anything but victims but please in the case of the 5% I applaud the actions of the authorities in tracking down the people traffickers and freeing these girls from what must be an awful situation. The fact is however that these girls tend to be working in illegal massage parlours. To compare a legitimate Escort Agency that merely puts you in touch with the Escorts London has to offer to some seedy back street massage parlour is like comparing a Burger Van with The Ivy.

So please let me re emphasize that our London Escorts are happy and free and ready to exploit you rather than the other way around. If you are a regular client you will know that they come and go from the site…let me reassure you we do not keep them in a lock up in Peckham when they disappear, they’ve either got a better offer from another Agency or they’ve made enough money and want to jet off back to there familly in Bogota or Rio or Moscow. That’s the truth about Escorts in London.

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