Escorts Fight For Their Rights

Authorities of EU countries continue to provide more favorable work conditions for escorts. The tendency to extend number of right to escorts in EU seems to continue. First Netherlands’ ladies got the right to open business bank accounts similar to those businessmen have. Later German escorts got the right to insure their lives, right for an unemployment allowance, retirement allowance, and by the way the right to refuse a client or one of his requirements.

Looks like Europeans (including authorities) share the opinion expressed by a moralist of the 18th century Alfonso Eskiro: “Escorts are as inevitable as drainage, sewerage and dump. They maintain public order and peace”

Meanwhile more and more Eastern European escorts are arriving and competing with Western European natives. According to one of the recent UN reports, nearly five hundred escorts from Eastern Europe and former USSR countries are arriving annually. The same report says that women trafficking bring a profit of seven milliard US dollars a year.

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