Escorting within Marriage…Discuss

I’b be interested to know you’re feelings on booking escorts whilst maintaining a healthy marriage. I know if you talk to a man of the cloth you’re on a hiding to nothing…breaks every rule in ‘The’ Book. But I don’t think God’s that bothered. I think he’s moved on a bit since we all wore leather sandals. I think its healthy to have a little variety in your life and I guess that’s with the proviso that the wife never finds out. With escorting that’s pretty easy..start dating your secretary and you’re just creating a lot of problems for yourself.

We offer the safe option, no fumbling around in the front seat of the car, complicated webs of deceit. One thing you must consider I think is that if you found out the wife was doing it, how would you react? If you wouldn’t cope then I think you shouldn’t do it yourself…what am I saying DOH

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