Escorting during A Gap Year?

Exam results are out for hundreds of thousands of university hopefuls. These youngsters, despite the tons of bad press they attract, continue to perform well academically. This year sees the highest number of A* grades ever being awarded. At any other period in history this would’ve seen these bright sparks off to Oxbridge or UCL, their spaces assured by their top performance.

But these aren’t ordinary times. With university places being slashed as a result of budget cuts, many people will not be able to attend their first choice, despite achieving the required grades. Those who simply managed to pass and were hoping to access a course through clearing may find themselves squeezed out of a degree programme altogether.

So what to do if your top choice uni tells you to come back next year or you face a year of re-sits? You’re now an adult, with adult responsibilities like bills now coming your way. You also want to live and have some fun now that you’re legally entitled to. If you’re female, fun, and more than passably attractive, becoming a London Escort could be an ideal option for your unexpected gap year. You get to choose your hours of work, meet lots of interesting people, and explore your maturing sensuality all at the same time. Now, before you accuse me of leading the young astray, remember that lots of girls become escorts very early in their adult life. This is the time when they are encouraged to explore as much of what life has to offer as possible, to let loose and have fun before they are expected to become staid, responsible professionals. Working as an Escort Girl can be a great learning experience, and provide you with enough funds to cover your tuition and avoid student loan debt. Yes, the idea may not sit well with you right now, but I guarantee that after you’ve warmed that 1000th Panini and served your 100th cup of cheap coffee for the morning, you’ll look at it from another angle.

No doubt the learning curve for a new London Escort can be quite steep. But if you find yourself in good hands, such as with an agency like Playful Escorts, it gets just that little bit easier. Plus you’ll learn some excellent skills that will come in very handy later on – such as time management. Go over to our employment page if this sounds like your idea of a good gap year.

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