Football Stars Alleged By London Escorts

Don’t you just love the tabloids? As if nothing of great importance is happening in the world – floods in Nigeria, stalled peace talks in the Middle East, the new season of Strictly – yet another football vice scandal finds itself splashed across the front pages. These have become a dime a dozen really, since the start of the year, so you would have to come with a real heavy weight of a scandal to rouse an increasingly jaded readership.
And you guessed it, they did. A US based former escort girl has spilled the beans on no other than David Beckham. Irma Nici, a busty curvy lady with a dark seductive look, allegedly sold her story to a US tabloid after her former boyfriend allegedly read her secret diary. The meetings between herself and the football super hunk supposedly took place three years ago between the U.S. and London.  Nici, a Bosnian born Dutch national who worked in London before moving across the Atlantic to maximise her income, has also spoken of other, ‘more famous’ clients, although she has yet to name any more names. It has also been alleged that she worked as an escort in between wealthy Arab boyfriends, as a means of maintaining a glamorous designer lifestyle.
Now, this is a sensational story on all accounts. A new kiss and tell on football’s most recognisable face post the brand reconstruction after the Rebecca Loos affair was bound to generate significant interest, certainly much more than Rooney, Crouch and Terry put together. But to top it all off, brand Beckham has responded with a hefty lawsuit for ‘slander, libel and emotional distress’ and damages amounting to £16 million.  That simply shows you how far he is prepared to defend himself and his reputation against this escort girl’s allegations. I’m definitely not joining the debate about whether Nici’s claims are true or false. To be quite honest, I really don’t care. But I am going to be thoroughly entertained to see how Nici, her former escort agency manager, and the tabloid that printed the story stand up to the formidable forces of the Beckham legal machinery. The fact is that what this escort girl stands to gain from the publicity – 15 minutes of fame, and some cash, Beckham stands to lose a lot more.  And I’m not talking about his endorsement deals – Beckham sells, escort allegations or not. I’m talking about honour. Stay tuned for the fireworks.

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