Enjoy roof top parties with London escorts


London has a lot to offer when it comes to the lines of entertainment. You have karaoke’s, R&B nights at various nightclubs and outdoor parties. One thing that is fun and different to do depending on where you are in the great city is to hit a rooftop party. You can reach for the sky and get a little closer to the stars while attending one of these events way up on the rooftop. Not only will you find stunning night-time views of the city while attending one of these events alas there is a good chance that you will also find many hot women attending as well. It’s not always like in the movies where when a bunch of guys are hanging out together at a club and there is a group of girls sitting together and one guy goes up and tries to hit on them and they all shoot him down and embarrass him in front of his friends. The fact is there are groups of girls out there looking to pick up guys for the night for some NSA fun. Sometimes they may be a little hard to find and if by chance you do not happen to have any luck you can call Playful Escorts to have a hot Blonde Escort accompany you.

London Escorts from Playful love to go out and party with you. The nice lighting and beautiful views of the city in the evening can make for a very romantic evening which is sure to end up in a favorable situation for you… so you need not worry about getting shot down by the ladies or embarrassed in front of your buddies. One popular hot-spot for rooftop partying is the Dalston roof park. There you can get four stories higher towards the heavens. They have recently remodeled with new decking, a garden and a bar. You can enjoy parties, film screenings and various gigs there. A few other popular places to go are The Netil360 in E-8, Queen of Hoxton in EC2 and The Roof Gardens in Kensington. Getting higher towards the sky with a beautiful Blonde Escort or other London escorts has never been easier than with Playful Escorts.

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