Edgware Road Escorts

When I first started working for Playful, I remember being somewhat surprised (and envious) to hear that the agency represented a number of Edgware Road escorts. It had never really occurred to me that W2 escorts would live right smack-bang in the one of the coolest parts of central London (I thought they were all sort of Kensington or Earl’s Court based). I’ve always been impressed by the Edgware Road area – some people say it’s a bit grimy, but I love the character that it has. I think all this character comes from the fact that there are significant and variable ethnic communities based there, who have opened a number of businesses such as shisha bars and late-night cafés that reflect their owner’s ethnicity. The southern portion of Edgware Road, towards Marble Arch, is particularly ethnic, even earning itself nicknames such as Little Cairo, Little Beirut or Little Cyprus.

The Edgware Road escorts are really lucky to live there, with all that exotic cuisine just minutes away. Perhaps I’m particularly biased here, because I really love my food! All of it…Turkish, Italian, Moroccan, Thai, Chinese, Indian…. savoury or sweet. There would definitely be a kind of ‘kid in a sweet shop’ thing going on if I lived there. In fact, it’s probably just as well I don’t because I’d turn into a right fatty. Somehow, the escorts Edgware Road houses don’t seem to have this problem. I’m sure they love their food, and they are always going on about their favourite restaurants, but they never seem to put any weight on. I guess they’ve mastered ‘moderation’ something I’ve always struggled with, and on top of that they visit the gym or the swimming pool most days to keep trim. It makes sense that the W2 escorts put a lot of effort into looking great – after all they depend on their looks for their livelihoods – and there’s probably no way they could afford to stay living somewhere like Edgware Road if they didn’t have this tradable gift. Of course, even if the girls manage to refrain from stuffing their faces with every type of cuisine under the sun, the fact remains that Edgware Road makes a great place to share dates with clients. There’s so much choice of venue and food/drinks that it’s pretty much guaranteed that there will be something to make even the pickiest person happy. And the girls get to know which places are the best and which are best avoided, thus reducing time-wastage on dates and helping them run smoothly.

Even if clients want to visit incall escorts Edgware Road makes a great choice of location. For a start, it’s just so easy to get to. It’s only one stop on from Paddington (depending what part of the road you’re going to of course, as it’s pretty long), and it can be easily reached from several other tube stations. As well as being easy to reach, Edgware Road escorts are a spicy bunch – I think this is why they’ve chosen to live where they do. They tend to be the most exotic, passionate and interesting of the W2 escorts, which make them eternally popular with the clients.

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