Long Drive with Escorts

Everyone likes a good road trip, especially since the film from about 10 years ago made it seem like such a fun idea full of mischief and adventure. Unfortunately most road trips, especially those in the UK, do not really include the same fun and frolics that occurred in the film, but nevertheless, a long drive to another part of the country can be quite a fun and enjoyable experience if you like driving and you like to see a bit of the British countryside. Some people like to do these drives by themselves but I think most would agree that it is a lot more enjoyable doing such a drive with a partner, and most guys will agree that it is even better when that partner is a sexy London escort.

Our girls like going on long drives as much as anyone else, so it would be a bonus for the both of you, she would get to enjoy sitting in the passenger seat and gazing out at all the lovely countryside views and you get to be in the company of a busty escort from London, sounds perfect to me.

The one thing that isn’t so appealing about going on long road trips up the English motorway is having to stop at our wonderful service stations. It would seem that the Burger King’s and other fast food outlets that often crop up in these service stations seem to think that they are actual restaurants, well this is the impression that I get considering the fact that they charge more something like £3.00 for a hamburger.

The prices in these places are always ridiculous and the food is never really that nice, it has a special service station taste that just never really sits that well with me. This is why having a hot London escort with you is so essential, as there aren’t many better ways to make yourself feel better about having to spend £10 on a burger and fries from Burger King  then getting back into a car with one of our girls.

So the next time you are planning a road trip away make sure you get one of our London escorts to go along with you, they are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week so going overnight is not problem and they can be ready to go at whatever time of day is convenient for you.

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