Wishing Escort to be Your Girlfriend

‘Hot like me’ would seem like the natural completion to the sentence. The popular lyrics are a tried and true karaoke bar staple, and we’re pretty sure our London escorts thoroughly enjoy belting out those lyrics on their nights out, probably with a secret smirk on their lovely faces. If only the unsuspecting karaoke bar patrons knew how true those words are. Escort girls for many are the ultimate girlfriends – fun, sexy and always eager to get down and dirty with the slightest encouragement.

Most escort girls certainly think that they’re excellent girlfriend material. They’re beautiful, smart, funny, good listeners and enjoy spending as much time as possible indulging shall we say, in a variety of sensual pursuits. Equally important, they know what they want to accomplish, and work to do, while maintaining that critical work – play balance. While this sounds great on paper, the reality is often different in real world relationships, which take work and time to grow and develop. That’s the boring bit which often drowns out the sensual fun to be found in a relationship, and one of the reason’s some men choose to meet with me. They’re not in the market for the same old humdrum date night they’ve been having for the last five years. They want to be with a woman who takes obvious care of and pride in herself. Who will not burden him with the stresses of her day the minute he walks through the doors.

That is a fair request, and as a London escort I am more than happy to oblige. Wishing your girlfriend was like me is great, and it certainly holds for the hours that we spend together, but I’m sure it’d be different if I actually were actually your girlfriend. That being said, its important for you to feel loved, wanted and desired, and if you get that from your escort date, then by all means indulge. You can even select how your dream girl would look, selecting someone from our wide range of blonde escorts, or black escorts.  How would you like me to dress for the occasion? With enough notice, I can be attired for anything from a business dinner to an outfit suitable for naughty night in. I can be your perfect fantasy girlfriend, with whom you can lose your inhibitions and savour a truly memorable experience.


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