Do not get Tanned to Attract Males

Ever since shows like Jersey Shore and the only way is Essex have hit our television screens it seems as though everyone is obsessed with fake tan, I have seen hoards of both guys and girls sporting the orange look, or as they call it in the only way is essex, the ‘oompaloompa’, something you will never find on any of the gorgeous escorts London has to offer. For those of you who are wondering what the term oompaloompa means I didn’t make it up, they are the little orange men that run around Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, they have green hair and extremely orange faces, but this is not due to over tanning, it is down to the fact that they are from another planet which speaks volumes for the fact that being as orange as some people are making themselves is very un natural. I do not really understand why any females believe that by tanning themselves to that level they will attract more guys, none of the London escort girls ever tan themselves to that level and they get plenty of male attention, believe me, and don’t get me started on the guys that are doing it!

I know it is the desire of a lot of people, especially those that live in the UK to get a nice tan, it looks healthier and often makes people feel a lot better about themselves, but I still do not think it is necessary to spend all of your money going to tanning salons and getting sprayed with a weird substance just to make your skin a bit darker. The escorts in London look great with tans but when the tan is natural it looks a lot better then when it has been sprayed on.Some people opt for the sun bed treatment, this means that instead of going to have someone spray a tan onto your body you sit in a UV box that heats up and emulates the suns rays, the true definition of a fake tan. One of the London escort girls explained to me the other day that there were actually quite bad for the skin and that people that use them often can often suffer from incredibly bad skin in the future so why people pay money to do this I will never know.

When I was getting my weekly full service massage at my local massage parlour the masseuse was explaining to me that her hands were orange because she had recently given a girl a massage that was covered in fake tan and by the time she had completed the massage loads of it had come off on her hands turning them a horrible orange colour, this surely cannot be that appealing. Don’t waste your money guys, it doesn’t make us look any better so save your money and just hire a London escort girl to make you feel better.

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