Don’t Dis’ the Babes and Save The Planet

Our girls can be as sensitive as any others and in the past few days we’ve had a few occasions of where we’ve had complaints from our girls about a lack of respect from a few rude individuals. I’m not coming the heavy hand but the fact is that we don’t operate the system ‘the customer is always right’…especially not when they’re beered up and abusive. We’ve politely asked these ex clients to make alternative arrangements in future and I hope they’ve got the message.

The fact ┬áis that to me a Playful girl is very special indeed, we take the time to interview them so that hopefully they are the sort that will give you the best possible experience. They come from all walks of life..from the back streets of Bogota to the rural idyll of Tuscany. All have have a lot to give…all have their own story to tell and most importantly all command my utmost respect. The fact is this job isn’t easy, our girls are not feeding ‘habits’ they’re more likely to be feeding their family and they make that supreme sacrifice in order to support numerous lives.

One day, hopefully before its too late, the world will realise that every country has something to give the World and that if we all worked together, then no one need go without food or shelter or an education. We’ve got girls coming here from Brazil which is a prime example. Brazil is quite literally the lungs of the planet, every few months there’s another documentary slagging the locals off for illegally ‘destroying’ the Worlds rainforest. Well the simple fact is that it’s their rainforest and if they choose to chop it down, in order to provide food and shelter for their children, then who are we to tell them they shouldn’t. We’re the one’s who’ve caused all the fucking problems in the first place. The rain forest is a resource…like oil, or gold or copper or diamonds…if we want it preserved then we all club together and we pay the people who are chopping it down to police it’s protection…and we pay them MORE than they’d get for chopping it down.

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