Does Size Matter?

This is the age old question that goes round and round fuelled by the insecurities of guys with small penis’s…and the answer is………it depends!! OK I’m going to come clean, confession time..I’ll stand up in front of the meeting and say….My name is Ben….and I have a small penis’. It’s the worst kind of small as’s a bit skinny too…so you don’t have the get out clause of saying..’yes but it’s girth that counts isn’t it.

Has it effected my life?..well yes there have been a few occasions when it’s been embarrassing…the more porn orientated we become as a nation the more us small guys are likely to feel inadequate because all the guys in these fucking movies seem to be hung like farmyard animals..but that’s obviously necessary to get the penetration shots etc. Anyway I guess it’s actually cost me maybe two ‘relationships’…but only casual ones that weren’t going to lead anywhere anyway.

I can remember waking up with a work colleague and we’d been so pissed we’d not actually done it the night before, but waking up and saying to her ‘Alison I have a confession to make..I have a small penis’ broke the ice, she laughed,.but I still got to bang her..she was this Amazon woman, honestly a bit of a Liz Hurley look alike only it had all gone a bit South including these huge puppy ears tits. I could tell she wasn’t that impressed and she had this Rampant Rabbit in the bedside draw so how the fuck can ANY man compete with that?. From our courtship the night before I had guessed that she’d had the odd one or two’ relationships’ so I new that this was going to be a ‘don’t let her see it until the point of penetration when it’s too late for her to back out’ sort of experience. Anyways I fucked her, she had a few orgasms courtesy of my highly evolved expert tongue action and with the help of the Rabbit with me at the controls. Then she swallowed when it was my turn. To me that was a job well done and I walked away with my head held high feeling like I’d done myself proud…I think I even got a few more out of it before she finally rode off into the sunset on the Rabbit, dumping me unceremoniously.

So the bottom line is, yes it does make a difference in certain circumstances. To Alison it was important and even though I know I have a great tongue action, she just wanted to be fucked by a huge cock. She wasn’t too interested in whose. These relationships you’ll struggle to sustain but then they’re not really relationships are they? If the girl is really relationship material then she likes you as a person first and in the same way that you don’t even notice that her left tit is smaller than her right tit, she’ll overlook the size of your cock and settle for you making her laugh (no not just by showing her your small penis).

I’m not sure whether I’ve reassured you or not, the fact is that we can’t all be hung like porn stars. I’d lay money that Tom Cruise standing at 5ft 5 isn’t huge down below but it took Nicole Kidman years to dump him…he must have done it loads of times with her before THAT happened. I think the way to see it is as a challenge. God has had a bit of a laugh with you, he’s given you an obstacle to overcome it’s up to you to be aware of the problem and manipulate the situation so that you still get the girl, even if it’s only once. When the real girl of your dreams comes along, you keep the ‘trouser worm’ hidden until she likes YOU as a person and of course all the while you are developing the most fantastic cunnilingus technique that will blow her away before she’s anywhere near knowing you’re chipolata not bratwurst.

Oh and having done a small poll of our Escorts, most like it small and quick so if it comes to that, no worries there. Feel free to respond with your penis anecdote’s, we’ll publish them if they’re funny or interesting…I’m getting a little stonker just thinking about Alison..not that you’d notice lol.

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