Do our girls have the X factor

The answer to that one is yes and no. YES of course all our London Escorts are very special, that’s because we take a lot of care in choosing the girls that we are going to work with but NO none of them have actually appeared on the X Factor show. You see to become a Playful Escort does not simply involve a girl walking in off the street or giving us a call and that’s it. Some Agencies are that desperate for girls that they will take anyone, even if it means that they know the girl is not going to be that busy, or they know that they are not going to give the client a decent date. They work on the basis that if they can con a girl into signing up with them or con you into taking someone that vaguely resembles the girl on the website (sometimes not even that) then you’re so pumped up with anticipation that when the girl arrives, you’ll make do.

We interview each girl that joins our Agency and we do that to eliminate the girls that are out to rip you off. Beware of those Escort Agencies who don’t have a policy of vetting their girls. You will find that there are a lot of charlatans out there who are not interested in building a relationship with there clients, but simply go for the fast buck (in every sense of the word) and know that whilst you will never want to see them again, you have been conned out of 150 quid in the process. Here at Playful we are here for the long haul, we have been established for over 8 years now and believe me in Escort Agency terms that’s quite a while. Our longevity is due to giving our clients the best value for money possible and doing our best to provide the best possible Escort Services for you. No man haters, no cheats, no lies, just an honest, genuine service that you can rely on.

That philosophy has stood us in good stead and kept us busy for the last 8 years, that and the fact that our prices remain the lowest in London yet our girls strangely seem to resemble those that you’ll see on That because there are no rules about what you have to be charged. The big Agencies would love it if there were, if they could force us all into charging you 300 quid plus an hour, but we won’t stand for it. I’m a punter just like you guys and so I know what’s right and also the kind of service I like to get…and I firmly believe if I can deliver that to you, you’ll use us again and again for your Escorting needs.

Have a great weekend and hope to hear from you soon.

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