Do Guys Have A Time Of The Month

Do guys have a time of the month? I know obviously they don’t in the strict sense of the expression. Naturally all our London Escorts ‘have the painters in’ at some stage in the month and I’m not suggesting that you come out in sympathy. What I’m saying is that in men animal urges do start to build up inside and the fact is that no amount of ‘five knuckle shuffling’ seems to shift it. This is me speaking from experience, I am a highly sexed guy and at times in my life when I’ve been without a girlfriend you naturally turn to internet porn or web cam rendezvous to satisfy that urge we all get with the minimum of trouble. Yet I’ve noticed that as the month progresses these stimuli become less and less effective. It’s like there’s something missing and urges start to build up.

The urge is quite simply to be with a real person and in my case it used to end up with a trip to the local slightly seedy, slightly grubby, massage parlour in London which also had a steam and shower. The girls I met there could give me that human contact and touch that I craved. I got to know the girls in the place, the staff, it had easy, discreet parking and I felt comfortable and relaxed. I used to go there just after pay day when I was feeling a little flush and also had plenty of opportunity during the rest of the month to cut back a few things to justify what I perceived to be my extravagance. The way I justified it was to cut out the morning Latte on the way to work…that saved me about 2 pounds per day and then I’d just grab a coffee as soon as I actually got to work which was free.

At various different stages I used my little luxury of visiting my local massage parlour to 1. help me give up smoking 2. stop taking the tube two stops in the morning/evening and walk 3. cut out the Monday night post weekend blues piss up and 4.stop getting my hair cut in a salon and go to a barbers instead.These sacrifices were how I justified my extravagance to myself.

Obviously dating a London Escort is a different matter, but I think the human touch is important to people and it promotes mental health. If you are on a tight budget then think about ways in your daily life that you could cut down maybe without really noticing or causing any real hardship. The morning coffee is a fantastic example.

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