Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blonde?

Blonde Escorts are a very popular choice for clients, who are seemingly enchanted by these fair haired nymphs. They come from all parts of the world, and we have Blonde Escorts from Venezuela, Eastern Europe, Spain and Brazil. Some are delicate and petite, others busty and curvy, and several have toned, athletic bodies of which they take very good care. Given the diversity of their backgrounds and the variety of their physical attributes, we wondered if there was any truth to the popular saying ‘Gentlemen prefer blondes.’

Unfortunately, time did not allow us to conduct an in depth survey. What research we did on the matter uncovered some interesting facts. Over the years, lighter shades have been associated with being more feminine, and it is often argued that this delicate womanhood appeals to men’s drive to claim and protect. In other words, blondes trigger a primal urge in men, making them aware of their superior physical strength.

Women have long noticed our interest in these fair haired kittens that beckon to our inner tiger. Blond is the most popular choice for women colouring their hair, and some even go the extra mile to make sure the carpet matches the drapes. For every shade that exists naturally, there is a man made alternative. You can go platinum or ash, strawberry or honey, the choice is endless. Many female icons have helped to solidify the blond femme fatal image – Marilyn Monroe anyone? – and its all but accepted that blonds really do have more fun.

Take the lovely Ella, a stunning Blonde Escort who’s only just joined us at Playful. Something about this girl just oozes naughty, even as her baby blues play at being innocent. She’s young, incredibly sexy, with gorgeous peachy skin just begging to be touched. They do produce some very good models of feminine charm up in Eastern Europe, and we’re glad this beauty chose to stop and play with us. We haven’t had any reviews posted about this lovely lady as yet, but we are indeed curious to know if she follows in the tradition of other London Escorts whose blonde moments keep the boys coming back for more.

Whether they are Blonde, Brunettes or Redheads, we’re pretty sure you’ll have an amazing time with our Escort Girls. From the steady stream of calls we receive each day, its clear that you guys like variety in your Escort dates. Should your blond ambitions surface however, give us a call. Perhaps Ella will be available and willing to help you test your hypothesis!

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