Diving Down With Sharks in the Ocean

Ever since I was younger I have had a bit of an obsession with sharks, I find them fascinating, I know they are seen as being quite evil creatures and of course they are feared by pretty much anyone and everyone that ever goes into the ocean, especially since Steven Spielberg put us all off by releasing Jaws upon the world. But this fear and respect that we have for sharks is what makes me so intrigued by them and ever since watching a documentary many years ago showing a team of people in South Africa getting into mini cages that sort of resembled what a prison cell for a giraffe  might look like if they were to every exist, they were then lowered down into the water where a great white shark was waiting for them, they got a chance to watch the shark in its natural habitat which looked pretty amazing I must say. I always talk about wanting to do this when I am out with mates or at the London escort HQ and everyone seems to think I am a bit crazy but I see it as something that is exciting, maybe I am mad?

When I asked our escorts in London whether or not they would do that the response was pretty unanimous, I often received a look that made me feel as though I was a complete and utter lunatic or alternatively a laugh that implied that I was obviously out of my mind. Most of the London escorts said that they would be happy to come to South Africa and sit on the beach but they would not be getting into any cages to be fed to great white sharks (obviously you’re not really being fed to them but they just seemed to see it this way for some reason.)

So there you guys, that’s a positive for you right there, if you do want to do a bit of cage diving with some sharks and you would like to take a London escort along with you then you can arrange for them to come as far as the beach in South Africa with you, but do not expect them to get in any cages, to be honest, I think I would prefer them not to either, they are far too attractive to be taking such stupid risks, leave that to me!

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