Diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend?

One of the biggest stories this week was Naomi Campbell’s testimony at the UN War Crimes Tribunal that she’d been given a bag of ‘dirty looking pebbles’ by Liberian dictator Charles Taylor, and had no knowledge of receiving blood diamonds. Other witnesses, including Campbell’sex agent, have challenged her statement, saying she knew very well what the gifts were.

Its hard to know who to believe. On one hand, Ms. Campbell probably gets enough expensive gifts to disregard some crudely wrapped up pebbles. On the other, which girl doesn’t recognise diamonds, even when they are in the rough?

As an Escort Girl, I sometimes enjoy receiving gifts from a handful of regular clients. A bottle of exotic perfume, a delicate bracelet watch, a generous gift card for Selfridge’s – these are just some of the trinkets I’ve received at some point or the other since becoming a London Escort. Unfortunately, jewels have yet to make an appearance on my gift list. I refuse to give up hope, however – anything can happen when you’re a London Escort. But I’m pretty sure if I received diamonds, in any form, I’d know what they were. Women and jewels go way back, long before women and shoes. We’ve been either getting them or wanting to get them for centuries, I think there should be a primal recognition when we come into contact with each other. I’m thinking the tingly, electric feeling I get when my fingertips touch a pair of Christian Louboutins for the first time, magnified a thousand times. They are supposedly a girl’s best friend after all.

Now, I know this is an important issue. Charles Taylor has some pretty serious charges to answer to. Taking blood diamonds is an internationally recognised offence, and carries stiff penalties. But even someone as ordinary as me recognises the hypocrisy of the whole saga. All this allegedly took place after a glitzy benefit event, hosted by Nelson Mandela no less, and Taylor was an invited guest. Did no one make the connection between Taylor and the then raging conflict in Sierra Leone? Its hard to tell. But you cannot deny that Mizz Campbell’s testimony has raised awareness of the trial and the atrocities that took place. And that should count for something.

The world can be a dark, grim place, but luckily for us, there are some simple pleasures still to be enjoyed. Like a date with a fantastic London Escort Girl who’ll happily keep you company even if you can’t buy her diamonds … yet.


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