Defending London Escorts

I’ve often argued with friends about the place of London escorts in our society – basically, are escort girls a good thing or a bad thing? My point of view, of course, is always supportive and generally most of my friends don’t have too much of a problem with it. There are a couple though (women, unsurprisingly!) who think that there is something sordid about the business and that it gives people the opportunity to cheat on their partners. What these friends don’t realise – until I explain it to them at length – is that for the most part, the work of escorts is simply concerned with improving people’s happiness and contains relatively little of anything ‘sordid’. As an example, when talking to these friends, I end up harping on about one of my favourite shows ‘The Doll House’. The premise of the show, if you haven’t seen it, is that a huge underground organization takes in convicts, and instead of them being imprisoned in the traditional sense, they have their brains temporarily ‘wiped’ to make them like dolls. Clients who want a designer ‘person’ to fill some kind of role then book these attractive inmates, and to this end the doll’s brain is imprinted with personality, experiences, memories and abilities etc required by the client. Now while I’m not comparing London escorts to imprintable ‘dolls’ the point I like to make is that in the show many of the clients (before things all become too sinister anyway) simply want to recreate perfect days with a lost love, or have the ideal date with someone they find attractive on every level. Often the time the two spend together is very innocent – it’s about company, affection, enjoyment of the simple things in life. For example, a picnic in a park with a girl that’s mad about you.

This is what happens much of the time when escort girls date their clients – they find that above all the client simply wants to have the experience of taking a beautiful girl to dinner, or talking to someone outside their normal life, or going for a walk along the Thames on a frosty night. Aaahhhh!

I just can’t object to that kind of innocent hedonism. After all, for various reasons, some people just get lonely and want a new person to spend some time with. Who could begrudge them that? And the girls themselves love it, plus they have a well-paid job. It’s also not the case that the existence of London blonde escort and London busty escort encourages cheating – if anything they provide a safer outlet for people who are going to cheat anyway. There’s no emotional attachment, and the date only lasts as long as the client has booked for. I think that’s infinitely preferable to playing away with women you vaguely know who’ll unavoidably become entangled with you.

I always like to conclude my lectures by saying ‘London escorts rule, ok?!’

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