Decisions Decisions

I’ve realised recently that my natural indecisiveness is wasting a lot of my time. An inability to make easy decisions may not sound like a grand affliction, but if I were to add up the time I spend ‘ummming and ahhhhing’ over every little thing, it would probably amount to several weeks of my life thus far. Several weeks where I could have been doing much more valuable or fun things such as sipping a cocktail on a sun-kissed beach watching the girls in their little bikinis playing volleyball, putting sunscreen on each other…..sorry…where was I? Oh yes, decisions. By way of example, last night I was in the newsagents’ near our London escort agency trying to decide what crisps to buy. Now I’m a fan of many types of crisps, and last night just could not make up my mind about which I most felt like eating. I spent a solid six minutes staring at rows of McCoy’s Walkers and Wotsits, before finally setting on the beef flavoured Monster Munch. It was a good choice, yum. The good thing about me though, is at least I know what I like and don’t like, which possibly saves me an extra couple of weeks. And I’m not just talking about crisps, but everything. I know what kinds of holidays I like, what kind of cars and maybe most importantly, what kind of girls. I definitely have a ‘type’ – slender, dark, tall-ish, very sensual, strong-willed and dry-humoured.

I find it difficult to understand some guys not having ‘types’. A friend of mine is like this. He says he’s never quite sure if he prefers blondes or redheads, big boobs or small, sex kitten or girl-next-door. Also he can’t decide whether he’s ready for a serious relationship or just wants to have fun for a while longer. I’ve noticed that his ambivalence actually stops him from getting involved much, I suspect just because he can’t make up his mind about what’s right for him, either in another person or things like jobs etc.

It occurred to me that London escorts would be perfectly placed to help confused souls like my friend reach a clearer state of mind, and therefore move forward with their lives. Busty escorts in London, blonde escorts in London, black escorts, young escorts – they’re all out there acting as ambassadors for their ‘type’, enabling men to experiment at being close with different women without creating too much mayhem in their personal and social lives. An evening with a tall, Swedish-looking blonde with a very naughty sense of humour may be enough to make someone realise that this is the kind of girl he needs to look for and pursue.

Additionally, spending time with a London escort could help clarify things for men who are wondering if they’re ready to move away from the rather reckless fun they’ve been having into something more serious. Or it could demonstrate to him that he’s not. Either way, he learns something about his needs and desires that could put an end to his agonising over anything to do with his love life. And if he’s still none the wiser, at least he’s had a great night to look back on. Win!

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