Commiting Suicide After Dating a Girl from Dating Site

Several friends and I faced a dilemma recently when a close pal of our insisted on dating a girl none of us liked. It was one of those horribly awkward situations where you just don’t know what to do for the best – tell your love-sick fool of a friend what a mistake he’s making, thus risking your friendship and coming across as a jealous ogre, or let him get sucked in by a nasty piece of work who’ll break his heart sometime down the line. Working at a London escort agency I think I get to see a lot of human nature, good and bad, and so think of myself as being quite a good judge of character. When I first met Paul’s new squeeze Lizzy I sensed straight away that she wasn’t a particularly nice person, for example talking down to him and eyeing-up other men in the bar. Don’t get me wrong, she had nice qualities too – when engaged in conversation she was sparkly and intelligent, and she’s devoted to her charity sector job. That evening I questioned myself, wondering if my understanding of people wasn’t so good after all. But when more of our friends met her, they later raised the same concerns that had bothered me that first meeting – she’d even been spotted flirting with the bar man. That confirmed it then, my instincts had been correct  -Lizzy was bad news. Surely Paul wasn’t so blinded with infatuation that he couldn’t see her quite prominent faults? She’s a pretty girl, but no Megan Fox.

Still, Paul seemed happy so nobody wanted to burst his bubble and become the ‘jealous’ friend so we simply tried to avoid the happy couple as much as possible and hope that things would naturally run their course. After three months, and as many social events where we’d had to watch this girl treat our friend like a moron, things became really difficult and I agonised over whether or not to talk to Paul about it. In the end fate helped things along a bit – I happened to find myself in the same bar as the couple one Saturday night, and being steaming drunk I simply whispered earnestly in Paul’s ear ‘You know she’s no good for you, don’t you mate’. To my surprise, he replied ‘Yeah, I know. I’m ending things tomorrow’. Phew! Disaster averted! Obviously I was very lucky that he’d already seen the light otherwise I might have earned myself a punch on the nose.

Ahh…the perils of mixing dating and friendship! The good thing about choosing to date a blonde escort in London or a busty escort in London – or any London escorts really – is that your friends are unlikely to ever meet her, or not for very long anyway, so if they don’t approve then it really doesn’t have to worry you at all. It’s a neat way of keeping fantastic romantic liaisons a personal thing that doesn’t require friends sticking their noses in!

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