Dating Our Escorts

By dating, I mean seeing a one of our escorts socially, outside of a booking. You should know that we frown upon it and if we find out a girl is seeing a client we will ask her to move to another Agency.

This is because 9 times out of 10 the ‘relationship’ remains a financial one and the girl is just trying to avoid paying us our commission. That’s not fair because we spend a lot of cash promoting our sites and work hard for our girls. We earn the commission believe me.

My advice is if you genuinely fall for one of our girls, try to be as objective as you can. Try to be your own best friend and look at the reality. If there’s a big age difference, it is unlikely that a young girl is going to want to genuinely date you, even if you have money! If you look like Richard Gere then maybe, but if you look like Danny Devito maybe not. If she asks for cash for her family, or even spends a lot of time talking about her financial troubles, then alarm bells should ring. You must understand that most of these girls are working to support families elsewhere in the world who generally have unlimited needs. The girls priority is her family and there well being and she is thinking you are a valid target as you obviously have money to spend on the indulgences of life whereas her family may well be struggling with the basics.

As a rule I’d say it’s a bad idea, but the romantic side of me allows for the possibility… so just be careful!!

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