Dating Beautiful Women

Our London Escorts are not just girls off the street. As I’ve said before, we interview them first to eliminate the man haters that you see sometimes in this Industry. That attitude is no good for our reputation or your happiness and we don’t tolerate it and so I’d like to think our London Escort girls are a little different, a little special.

I think every man should have the right to spend time with a beautiful woman. Some guys are luckier than others in the looks department (I’m the first to admit I’m no Johnny Depp) and it angers me when guys who just inherited a more favourable looking mug shot some how feel superior to me….it’s not like they did anything to bring it about is it.?

So from being the proverbial guy who gets sand kicked in his face, I decided that I’d have the best of both. I found myself a great girl, the Mother of my children, my loyal companion, my life partner who makes a great Steak and Kidney pie and lets me play golf on Sundays with my mates. She’s just a great person ( when you start a description like that you know that this is no catwalk model) and then to indulge my fantasy of being Val Kilmer stripped to the waist playing beach volleyball in Top Gun I pick an escort like Susi and spend a few hours wining and dining her, chatting her up and staring into those beautiful hazel eyes and living my fantasy a little. Susi is a lovely person, funny and bubbly and very attentive to the point that she really does make you feel special.

Don’t get me wrong, I still romance my wife, I still love her to bits, but sometimes with the right London escorts it is possible to indulge your fantasies a little and imagine what it might be like to be someone else. If you’re a full on fanny magnet you’re not going to get this and just think I’m crazy, but I don’t care what you think really, it takes all sorts in this life and its too short to worry about what everyone else thinks of you…please yourself and the people you love, that’s the main thing.

So if any of the Escorts London has on offer on our websites fit the bill for your fantasy girl, then call us and make a date and live the dream.

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