Command And Conquest

I’ve passed by a gaming chat room recently, Geeks R Us I think it was, and it reminded me of something that has boggled me for quite a while now. In chat rooms like these, when a fight starts between two hardcore gamers, a popular insult would be that one has no life whatsoever and spends all his time in front of the computer. The person’s attractiveness is also questioned and his ability to get a real girlfriend, as the best he could do is buy a girl from an escort agency. As all these Computer types tend to be spotty Oiks anyway I guess it’s an easy insult, but it also shows there lack of a grasp of the real world…but then if you’d spent the last 10 years shut in your bedroom you’d loose the plot I guess.

Er guys, get in the real world…when did booking an escort become insulting? I certainly don’t think so, specially if you’re talking about escorts in London. I’m also a gamer, though not quite as avid, and I imagine that if I myself don’t have enough time to mingle and socialize and I went ahead and booked a London escort, I wouldn’t feel insulted; I’d think of it as pretty darn practical. For me, booking an escort would be like me having my lawn mowed by a mowing company – sure, a neighbourhood kid might be willing to do it for less (or free), but if I want it done right, I’d want it done by a professional.

I personally thought London escorts would be perfect for the gamer in me, since they’re quite game in terms of exploration. I mean, if you asked your mate to dress up like your fantasy female game character and talk dirty to you, you’d probably get a kick to the shins and no sex for a week… or month. Whatever your fantasy is, whether its raiding Lara Croft’s tomb or being the top Mafia Boss with your lady by your side, you can be sure that our girls are up for it. Who wouldn’t want to have a little fun, right? Yeah sure, if it was your mate, you’d probably get laughed at and honestly, who can perform well when they feel like idiots?

I can understand if someone who is a bit awkward socially may hesitate when it comes to booking a London escort. I mean, not only do these women have these amazing curves, but they have faces to die for as well. And well, if you either had a little too much beer and it shows, or you are vertically challenge, you may feel intimidated. But let me assure you that these girls are professionals; they could make you feel like you’re the king of the world and are in control – unless of course you want to be dominated, but that’s a different blog post altogether.

We’ve got a wide selection of girls so you could enact your gaming fantasies and transform the muse you only see on your TV or computer screen and bring her to life. If you’re fantasy is a gun-wielding femme fatale, there are plenty of girls to choose from. You can even go for the girl-next-door type, the one you’d love to rescue and save from vampires, werewolves and zombies – as long as she’s grateful.

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