Comfort a Brasilian Babe

It was sad to see Brazil knocked out of the World Cup and here our London escorts who hail from that part of the World are clearly very upset. I think it’s fair to say that football sums up the Brazilian passion for life. They ALL take it very seriously and it’s a family thing. Yes yet another reason why Brazilian women are so bloody perfect…come footie time if you’re sitting down with your senorita it’s going to be her shouting at the telly over the disallowed Lampardo goal. You’re going to have to fight her for the remote and the chances of you getting to watch Topa Geara when Santos are playing on the other side is frankly unlikely

Yes South American girls are passionate about there football and so of our escorts in London who hail from that part of the World, they are generally feeling a little home sick and in need of a little cheering up.

You can probably guess what’s coming next, but it really is true…YOU guys are the one’s to do that. You are the one’s to take one of our Brazilian girls out and take there mind of it all…having said that, you’re going to have to spend the first hour talking about Brazil’s back four. That’s not such a bad thing as it gives you the opportunity to exorcise a few of your own demons and get England’s lack lustre performance out of your system although it’s a bit like having a chat about the Man U game then dissecting Luton Towns short comings. So you see there’s more than one way to enjoy of London Escorts charms, they all have talents and passions and big hearts and they will happily listen to your views on anything from football to rainforests (another Brazilian passion) whilst nibbling your kneck and mumbling something in Portuguese that sounds incredibly sexy but could infact be her shopping list.

The truth is I love Brazil, it’s music, it’s football and it’s people in equal measures and you won’t find a better nationality for your London Escort Encounter.

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