Charlie Sheen self destructs

The London escorts and I have been thoroughly entertained the last few months watching the antics of self-professed madman Charlie Sheen as they’re reported across the world’s media platforms. He’s an actor who was never very much on my radar until around November when I read stories about how he’d had wild drink and drug-fuelled parties in hotel rooms and locked a porn star in a cupboard. His spin out of control has continued with a series of such crazy parties, bad behaviour, orgies, hotel trashing, demented rants etc and the Sheen circus seems to become more bizarre everyday. We now know that he lives with two twenty-four year-old blonde girls (one an ex-nanny to his kids, one a porn star) and shares his bed with both of them. He has been sacked from his highest-earning Hollywood role in ‘Two and a Half Men’ for ranting at the producer, and just yesterday was seen waving a machete around on a rooftop and drinking from a bottle labelled ‘Tiger Blood’. It’s actually so bizarre that I have on occasion wondered if it was just an act, some kind of Hollywood experiment for the purpose of a documentary! But there is the possibility of course that he is actually mad, or maybe simply enjoying drink and illegal substances a little too much. He claims he has no regrets about his behaviour, but the fact is it’s cost him custody of his two young sons – something that I think will cause him some regrets in the future. The poor kids are currently saddled with their allegedly drug addict mother, but I still can’t quite see the courts handing them over to Charlie somehow…

Although Charlie has had a lot of stick in the press and a lot of people either think he’s a complete idiot or deserving of sympathy for his ‘issues’ I can’t help suspecting that he’s just having the time of his life and doing the kind of things a lot of us would do if we had unlimited resources. While I don’t condone any of the bad behaviour that has affected other people around him, I can sort of understand it. I reckon that if I was in his position I might just be acting a bit crazy as well! Isn’t he just ‘living the dream’, as everyone likes to say these days?!

Escort girls have a lot of experience of wild parties and crazy characters – their job means they’re frequently requested to be guests at high-octane events filled with people living the high-life. Being a blonde escort in London, or a busty escort in London, inevitably leads to this type of booking from time to time, and it’s rare that there are any complaints on their part! They’re young and free-spirited themselves, and love to join in the antics!

When it comes to good old-fashioned partying, London escorts can give Mr Sheen a run for his money any day!

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