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If anyone needs a massage Central London folk do. I know there are other cities, for example in Asia – or even New York for that matter- that are crazy busy, congested and chaotic, but London certainly isn’t an island of calm. Despite all its charm, character, fun and opportunity, at the end of the day it can be an exhausting place to live and work, and I think these residents/workers would do well to treat themselves to a regular W1 massage.

The problem is that when it comes to things like arranging a massage Central London people are often to busy too get round to doing it, or even thinking about it. They live in a mad, spinning land where their attention gets pulled in a hundred different directions, and it’s not unusual for these city dwellers to develop ‘burn out’ on occasion. They simply don’t know when to take a step back from the work, the gym, socialising and relationships and just take some time to make sure their physical and mental health is intact. Perhaps if there were one huge, well-known massage parlour Central London residents would incorporate visits there into their everyday life, and become much healthier and happier as a result. Unfortunately, this kind of treatment tends to be ‘specialist’, expensive and not well advertised – so many people never really even think about it. I think this is a real shame because there have been countless studies expounding the benefits of massage – for example, there’s even evidence that people who have been seriously ill in hospital recover much faster if they’re given regular massage treatments than those that aren’t.  But you don’t have to be really ill for massage to help you – it can generally make you feel fitter, stronger and more positive. I think this is especially the case if you’re on the receiving end of a W1 massage from the likes of someone such as Amanda, one of Playful’s hottest girls. This leggy Lithuanian is a sexy, beautiful goddess who loves to give therapeutic massages to her weary clients, and is exactly what Central London needs. I challenge anyone who is tired, stressed out and miserable to still feel the same after a date with Amanda. I really love this girl – she reminds me of a kind of ‘Baywatch’ beach-babe, like Pamela Anderson. You know the sort, all tumbling blonde hair, tan skin and blue eyes, with a perfect slender figure. Whenever I picture her in my head she’s always carrying one of those red floats!

Anyway, what I wish I could tell the world is that everyone should get to experience the kind of massage in Central London girls can provide – it will do wonders for your health as well as your state of mind. Think how much more you’d enjoy the good things about London after spending an hour or two with someone like Amanda?!

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