Careers of Girls As Escorts in London

The London escorts tell me Sara Cox has been twittering on in the news this week (lets face it, she’s always twittering on about something. Or is that tweeting?) about how women should strive to have careers and not depend on a man for money. I guess this is stating the obvious really. I think it is the accepted ideology these days that a woman should try to forge a work life for herself before settling down to marriage and kids, but there have certainly been some set backs – namely, the WAG culture as inspired by famous examples such as Victoria Beckham, Abbey Clancy, Danielle Lloyd. These ladies seem to make a career of being the pampered other halves of talented men, even though they often do have their own things going on. But little girls see WAGs flouncing around, looking gorgeous, having the time of their lives and never having to worry about money, and think that this could be a viable career path. Why shouldn’t they have the opportunity to do that? The problem is there are too many girls entering adlt hood with this overly optimistic mindset, having not even seriously considered alternative careers. So what happens is that they find themselves broke, uneducated and inexperienced, end up marrying the first guy that comes along, bear several children and then sit around for the rest of their lives claiming benefits and drinking beer, teaching their kids to do the same. Ok, so I know this is a glib generalisation, and some young parents do find work in order to support their kids, but we all know there are a huge number of baby-machine spongers out there.

Sometimes it makes me feel sad to think about how far women have come generally in terms of gaining equality and opportunities, yet there are individuals who don’t even want to try a bite of the fruit of independence (something, incidentally, that women have actually died fighting for). I know there are some women who have dreamed about being a mother their whole lives and want it more than anything, so I guess if that’s their thing then as long as they can fund it, well…it’s their choice. Seems a shame to not try living their lives for themselves for a while though, before drowning in a sea of nappies and being tied down forever.

I have so much respect for young escorts in London. They’re young girls who from the outset are determined to support themselves and not rely on a male partner to do it for them. Many have left their homes across the world and set up in a new city, even sending some of the money they earn back to their families. People might look down on blonde escorts in London and busty escorts in London, but should remember that these are women who are strong, independent and not relying on anyone else to pay their way.

If anything, I’d say London escorts make better role models than WAGs!

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