Car or Carmen

With the price of petrol starting to resemble the price of pure gold and insurance companies starting to put up premiums despite an extra years no claims bonus I have recently started to question just how worthwhile it is having a car whilst living in London.

Of course it is nice for convenience, if you want to pop to the supermarket or round to a mates house, but unless you are driving around in the early hours in the morning or late at night (which is often not the case unless it is a weekend for most people) you will often find yourself sitting in traffic for most of the time burning away that expensive petrol that you just put in your car.

I was speaking to a friend the other day that has just sold his car and the amount of disposable income he now has compared to when he had a car is quite astounding. Having that kind of extra money is obviously a big advantage, he now has to get London Transport which is not the best thing to have to do when it is so unreliable but he could be enjoying himself a lot more with a London escort now that he doesn’t have the massive expense of a car hanging over his head.

Think about it, if you own a car in London you have to pay for road tax, insurance, parking permits, petrol, insurance and any maintenance required on the car. It is not cheap and should really be seen as a luxury. The problem is that once you get used to having a car it is very difficult to let it go but as a guy I know that if anything will convince you guys that it might just be worth giving up that expensive piece of machinery sitting outside then it is a gorgeous female and this is where London escorts come into it.

If you were to sell your car and make a nice little bit of money do you not think it would be money well spend if you were to take a busty London escort away with you for a little holiday. I am sure that this little break would be a tad more memorable and entertaining than sitting in hours of traffic on clogged up London roads!

Once you get back you will start to see a marked increase in your bank balance as you will no longer be constantly forking out for petrol and parking tickets just so you can have the ‘privilege’ of driving around packed London streets. It is definitely a consideration, just take a London escort for one night out and see how much fun you have, you will soon be questioning how much you really need that car.

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