Budget v High Class

Being a guy I know that we spend a fair time looking for our perfect escort. It’s part of the fun of it I think…the preparation, it gets the juices flowing and builds a sense of anticipation. I know this and that is why we do not misrepresent our girls like some Agencies do. Yes I’m sure if you’ve used Escorts before you will have had the experience where you take time to choose the girl you want, then when she turns up it’s either a different girl or the same one but 10 years older and 2 stone heavier.

I don’t see the point of Agencies who do this, basically they’ve gained a booking but lost the 30 bookings you might have made with them in the future.

I would describe us as a budget agency, but we try our best to deliver and keep it real. So how to choose an Agency? All our girls are gbp 110 whereas most other Agencies start at gbp 150 and go skywards after that. Well I think our girls are equally as attractive as most of those. The High Class Agencies spend more on getting the girls photos exactly right (by that I mean airbrushed) and they charge you upfront for the service they think you want. Playful don’t do that. You pay for the basic service and if you want anything else then its for you to discuss it with your chosen escort. It’s a bit like walking into a restaurant and having the waiter tell you what you’re going to eat before you’ve seen the menu..and him deciding of course that you’ll be having the lobster. We let you decide, you can have the lobster if you want, but if you’re just hungry and want something simple, you can have it.

Basically with Playful it is, and should always be, your choice.

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