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Here at Playful we take a little more care than some London Escort Agencies over choosing the girls we represent. In fact the concept of choosing at all is alien to some Agencies. I suppose you could argue that every girl should be given a chance, but when you’ve been in this Industry for a while, you get a feeling for which London Escort girls are going to cause problems and they are simply not worth taking the risk with.

We pride ourselves on being a great budget Agency…we feel our job is much more difficult than Toffs Totty .com who charge you, what , anywhere from 300 to 500 pound sometimes for an hour with one of there girls. Tell a girl that she can earn 500 an hour and you’re going to get some great ladies on your books…but keeping them busy…persuading YOU the client, that these girls are worth it, to me seems frankly rather dull and unrewarding. Give me the hustle and bustle of the budget end with phones ringing and feisty girls jostling for the work and you honest hard working / hard playing party guys chomping at the bit. It’s more fun, albeit stressful at times.

You get the highs….like when Sandra wobbled into the office or Vanesa or Susi so beautiful that I thought they’d taking a wrong turning from the tanning salon down the road. You get the lows…like the deterioration of Adella with her sacking or the best masseuse I ever had, Roxy, leaving or one of the other girls leaving who have become friends and almost like family. You just have to hope things work out for them and give them a good send off.

Yes our London Escorts can be a challenging bunch to manage, but I wouldn’t have it any other way and it really is never a dull moment.  Before I close can I just say that your feedback whether it be via the phone or in the form of a review is very important to us, we do read them or listen,  and we do take you seriously.



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