Budget Escort Bargain

A lot of you guys are sceptical of how we can provide such beautiful London Escorts at such a bargain price. If you look at our competitors they fall into two categories. There are the ‘Harrods Escort’s type’s that have the same Escorts London has to offer as we do,only at an inflated price of maybe 200 or 250 or maybe even 300 pounds an hour. I’ll admit that quite often we lose girls to these kind of Agencies because the Escort Girls labour under the mistaken impression that they are going to make huge amounts of money with them. The other category are our more obvious rivals who match our price, but tend to deliver the ‘scrag end’ of the market with girls that are only really suitable for some dodgy backstreet massage parlour.

Well Playful Escorts stands out from the crowd and that is why we have got the reputation for being the best budget agency in London. ┬áThe reason is that we are proactive. We actively seek out beautiful women from Eastern Europe and across the world and we offer them the reassurance and support that they need to give them the courage to come to London. We care a lot about the London Escorts that work with us. We put their safety and well being above that of a clients needs so forgive me but don’t expect any sympathy from us if you mistreat one of our girls…expect a visit from the Police.

The end result of this is that we can recruit some of the most beautiful girls and hold onto them for maybe a little longer than you’re average budget agency. Most will go onto become either independent escorts or they will sign up for the ‘big boys’…of course some of them…like Dana for or Sandra will realise that they were wrong and come back to us.

For you it’s all good because it means that there is always a turn over of Escort girls coming and going and always the chance that the girl of your dreams will be appearing on the site soon. That’s why it’s so important to check the site occasionally just to see what’s new.

Happy Escorting Guys.

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